We’ve had online club elections, and now it’s time to have online club officer induction ceremonies! It’s a great opportunity to connect with your new District leaders and celebrate the achievements of your club over the past year.

First, choose the meeting that you will be having your inductions. Check with your outgoing and incoming Area Director and/or Division Director to see if they would be available to conduct the ceremony for your club. This is the perfect time to meet your new leadership team and have them become familiar with your club and members. If you are not able to have a District Leader attend, a past president is also a good choice to lead the induction ceremony.

At the meeting, start with discharging the current officers from their duties. Call them each individually and let them respond so that their faces will be displayed as the speaker. Thank them all for their work and relieve them of their responsibilities.

Next, charge the new officers with their duties. Again call on them individually and let them respond so that their faces will be displayed. Recite their duties and ask if they will perform them to the best of their ability. They respond, “I will” and you move on to the next officer.  A great script for the meeting can be found here.

Finally, you will ask the club members to pledge their help to the club and incoming officers. Something like, “do you pledge to individually and collectively stand by this club, live with it and work with it throughout the coming year?” Have all the members present unmute themselves and answer with a joint “I will.”

These transitions are an exciting time for your club. Make the most of this opportunity to honor your previous set of officers and celebrate the new leaders coming in.