-by Ginny Grabowski

No, I don’t want you to post a “then and now” selfie. I do want you to consider how different you are today than you were back at the end of 2009.

We get very caught up in what’s happening right now and don’t often (or at least not often enough, in my opinion) celebrate our growth and change. Instead, we trudge on day after day, striving for the next new and improved version of ourselves.

In that theme, I thought I’d check into how District 32 has grown and developed since 2009. To be fair, I wasn’t even a part of District 32 back in 2009. I was a pretty new Toastmaster (I joined in April of 2009) and Alaska was still known as the Yukon-Alaska Council of Toastmasters (YACT). This made me even more curious about what D32 looked like 10 years ago.

Here’s what I found, represented graphically, with my thoughts on the numbers below. (Download it HERE if you’d like to print it.)

In December 2009, D32 had 69 active clubs with membership payments totaling 1,146. There were 4 Divisions and 13 clubs had 20+ members. Two clubs had achieved 5 or more DCP goals by December 2009 and 6 clubs had achieved 4 or more goals.

Next, I checked our stats for the 2016-2017 year. That’s the year Alaska joined District 32. In December 2016, we had 95 active clubs, 1,610 member payments, and 16 clubs with 20+ members. Eight clubs had achieved 5 or more goals and 11 achieved 4 goals. We were off to a great start together.

Where are we today? We continue to grow in some areas of the District and we struggle in others, but I believe we have a strong sense of who we are. The leaders and members in both Alaska and Washington are well-integrated and we work well together. Not an easy accomplishment when hundreds of people come together and unite in changing times (Pathways, travel between the states, etc.)

Today we have 93 active clubs with 1,480 member payments. While we our membership is slightly smaller today, I don’t believe we are declining. I believe we are simply transforming…kind of like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Today we have 19 clubs who have already achieved 5 goals and 12 who have achieved 4 goals. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Remember, we will have a drawing for clubs who have achieved 5+ goals by December 31, so don’t wait til January 1 to achieve your goals (and get them reported on Toastmasters.org).

Wishing you and your friends and family a wonderful holiday season and an exciting 2020!