By: Stephanie Lee, District Director

This has been a long year, and many of us need some lighthearted fun in our weekly routine. Holiday theme meetings are a great way for clubs and members to re-engage and remember why we keep coming. We asked for clubs to share their meeting ideas on the District 32 Facebook group.

From Christina Welsh:

“I’m actually planning one for December 2nd at the Key Peninsula Toastmasters. The theme is “Snowflakes and Hot Chocolate.” I am going to decorate the tables with snowflakes, and I am going to bring in an electric kettle and a hot chocolate charcuterie board (and apple cider for the one member that doesn’t like chocolate!???)”

From Julie Siegler:

Here’s our Halloween theme just a few weeks ago 🙂

And “holidays” can really encompass a lot of different themes. Check this website for a list of weird and wacky holidays that could be used. The important thing is to have fun!