by Sheryl Watkins

The calendar is about to turn the page to 2020, so let’s savor the sights of 2019 one last time.  Email photos of your club’s activities during calendar year 2019 by December 1 to be included!

  • Please identify the date and type of event and what’s going on in the photo, as well as anyone shown.  (Just a couple sentences will do, unless you want to say more.)
  • If your club is still using the banner or any other items using the old logo, make sure we can crop them out of the photo.  
  • We will be honoring at least two members we lost this year.  If you’d like to include one of your members in the “in memoriam” section, please send a photo along with their name, Toastmasters achievements (i.e. DTM, CC, DL4, etc.), the name of your club, and their most recent office (or past president).

Let’s look back on the old year, while we look forward to the new one.