Personal growth, transitions, and celebrations. What can we celebrate with YOUR members?

As of December 31, 2019, District 32 had 25 clubs that had completed 5 or more goals towards the successful club program. These clubs are:

  • Division A: CHI Franciscan Toastmasters, Talk of Tacoma Toastmasters Club, Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters Club, Public Utilities Toastmasters, and Reach Your Summit Toastmasters Club
  • Division B: SKWIM Toastmasters Club, Bremerton Toastmasters Club, and Key Peninsula Toastmasters Club
  • Division C: Real Talk, Money Talks, Meridian Toastmasters, Olympus Toastmasters, and 9th Wave
  • Division D: Northwest Church Toastmasters, Sumner Lifelong Learners, Word Weavers, Success Speaks Club, and Puyallup Valley Voices
  • Division E: Tundra Talkers Toastmasters Club, Fairbanks North Star Borough Toastmasters Club, and Anchor Toastmasters Club
  • Division F: Valley Toastmasters Club, Alaska USA Toastmasters Club, Untwisted Tongues Toastmasters, and Top of the World Club.

Congratulations to the following winners of the incentive drawing and to all the clubs who have 5 or more goals completed. This is not possible without the participation of your members working through the educational programs! You ROCK!

The winners for the Halfway There incentive drawings are: Valley Toastmasters Club, Anchor Toastmasters Club, Northwest Church Toastmasters, Olympus Toastmasters, Key Peninsula Toastmasters Club, and Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters Club!

Now what?

We are supporting members completing achievements in the Traditional program through the end of June 2020. Then all members will be working through Pathways. How are your officers and members supporting each other through this transition? We have amazing members sharing webinars with members in their different areas – Thank you to Robin Lee and others! We have members who are working their way through the printed paths. We also have members who have changed their attitude towards Pathways and now volunteer their support of the program. Please share your story of your path with us. We want to celebrate YOUR achievements.

Unfortunately, all is not rosy. We have 27 clubs with NO educational achievements submitted through Club Central for their members. We have an additional 11 clubs with no Pathways achievements to celebrate. Are you willing to help other members transition to Pathways? Contact me if you are willing to support educational training beyond your club. We want to celebrate the end of this year with member achievements and club success. We are halfway through the year. Let’s strive to celebrate our personal growth at our District Conference May 1-3, 2020.