[Due to concerns over COVID-19, the District 32 conference has been canceled. Read about this decision from Toastmasters International].

I’ve always enjoyed the district conferences because of the chance to see old friends, make new friends, learn new speaking skills and leadership tools.  I always come away inspired.

Ah, but adding Alaska to District 32 brought a whole new set of expectations and experiences.  As I flew into Anchorage, the beauty of the hills surrounding it took my breath away.  I was greeted by so many of my friends from Washington, and big smiles and a hand shake from our Alaska team.  We came from Washington as presenters, contestants and observers.

Amid all of the excitement, a trophy was presented to one of my clubs, Sound Advice.  It seems that the club traveling the most distance, as the crow flies, gets this ‘Traveling Trophy’ .  What a thrill it was to take it home and make an official presentation to my club.  It was, with pride, that all of the members who took the trip stood up to be acknowledged and tell a little about their experience.

This trophy is still traveling.  Who will travel, as the crow flies, the greatest distance to come to our conference in May?