Hello there, I’m Sandy Allnock – and I’m excited to be the Editor of The View from 32 this year! I thought it might just be time to introduce myself, chat a bit about the changes we’ve made in the newsletter so far – and how you can interact with the District through the newsletter!

Meet Your Editor

I’m a graphic designer by trade, though now I run my own business as an art instructor. I worked for nonprofits and design agencies throughout my career, developing a great appreciation for clear, motivational, and targeted communications.

When the invitation to this position was offered, I knew I had some skills to bring to bear to help the District be more effective, tighten up our marketing skills, and create opportunities for members across Washington and Alaska to grow their own written communication skills as well.


My vision for the View from 32 is to create a newsletter with great relevance to both leaders of D32 and club members, using technology, design, and solid content to drive greater engagement and growth in the District. Our members are busy, so the email is kept simple, with deeper content on our website to become evergreen content to be referred to for years to come!

Our leadership team has given me permission to try out my plans, and while we’re already in October as I write this – you may well have seen some of the changes we’ve implemented! Readership here on the website has increased 18% already, and I’m excited to watch that grow.

Just a few of the changes you may have noticed:

  • Newsletter content modernized and simplified: 2-3 features, a message from leadership, event notices, and quick inspiration.
  • Engaging, branded graphics.
  • Articles hosted here on our website for a longer shelf life.
  • Content derived from a range of writers across the District.

Our webmaster has also begun tweaks to the site, too, aligning with the same ideas, and we’ll be finishing up that work and providing a “tour” in the near future.

What’s your expertise?

Do you have something to share with District members? Have you researched the steps to becoming a professional speaker? Are you a pro at crafting an excellent speech introduction and can share your tips? Does your club know how to rock an open house? Do you have a secret to creating the perfect speech outline, or has a club member you know come up with a list of 50 suggestions for “Word of the Day”?

Submit those to us in the form of an article – we’d love to help you share what you know with the rest of our District Toastmasters! The View Editor’s email is linked at the bottom of every newsletter, so it’s easy to reference.

A note about publicizing events

One change that everyone should become aware of is the way we’re handling publication of events within the District. Note: Division and District level events will continue to be promoted on this site and in the newsletter.

When I arrived, I found that efforts to publicize individual club events and open houses were not reaping benefits; club events are aimed at growing membership, and advertising in the View wasn’t contributing to bringing potential members from the community. We are therefore no longer promoting those very local events through this site or our newsletter.

However, some specialty club events may be considered, if they have relevance to existing Toastmasters across at least a Division (special speakers or topics geared toward current Toastmasters, etc). To promote these types of events, clubs must share an article with readers here on the blog—a topic from which all district members can learn. At the end of the article, a “PS” can be added with specific event information and link to your event page or RSVP. (See an example HERE.) The kinds of articles to consider:

  • Renowned Speaker: interview them about one aspect of the content they’ll be sharing.
  • Toastmaster-centric Topic: choose a portion of the topic to write an article about – if it’s advanced Table Topics training, then an article on like “3 ways to be a better extemporaneous speaker” could work.
  • Celebrating a Club Milestone: write an article about the top 3 things your club did to get through the rough patches over the years from which other clubs can grow.

Pathways Blog Project

If you’ve reached a blogging project and your content is Toastmasters-centric, we’d be honored to discuss hosting your content here at D32! Drop an email and we can discuss it.

Writing Assistance Available

In today’s world of texting, many have been lacking in practice at writing more than 140 characters at a time – so writing an article can be a stretch! I am happy to come alongside to assist you in writing an article, and can provide you with tips and feedback along the way. Please don’t be afraid to step out – writing is like speaking, with some differences – and in the coming months I’ll be providing some articles here myself with tips for writing articles, using Toastmasters principles we practice all the time.

Thank you!

I appreciate all who have contributed to the View these past few months. It’s a team effort and I’m excited to see it grow!