Some of us are still traveling back from Convention and appreciate your patience as we get all of the information out to you.

We will be updating all members and Club Officers about the details of the changes in the next few days, but wanted to share the news:

Your New International Board of Directors! Thank you to all of the clubs who designated proxies for the Annual Business Meeting. On Friday, August 23, thanks to your efforts, we helped elect our new Board of Directors and pass ballot measures that simplify and clarify the language in our International By-laws and Club Constitutions. 

Other highlights from the conference: 

  • Changes to simplify Pathways are coming, including an app and access for clubs that are in the chartering process. 
  • We will be sharing our Vision for District 32 with our District Leaders and our members.
  • We are announcing some fun events, training and incentives that we worked on to make our meetings more fun and reward you for all of the hard work you put into making your clubs thrive.

Thank you for being a part of D32. Here’s to an amazing 2019 and beyond!