This year the District 32 trio made the decision to cease the use of Meetup. For those clubs that utilize this marketing tool, the District subscription will expire at the end of March. 

In an effort to ensure that clubs continue to market their meetings and special events, consider utilizing Eventbrite.  Many club members are already familiar with Eventbrite. This is the app that is often used to market and capture registrations for Club, Division, and District Events. For more information on use of Eventbrite, refer to the Nerdmasters website and YouTube for educational videos and/or ‘How to’ documentation.

Creating and following a budget is not always easy. During times when the membership is low and clubs are folding, available funds decrease. The district team opted to remove funding for Meetup from the annual budget. This change allows the district to allocate funds for other tools that better serve our marketing and communication efforts. 

MeetUp Subscription will end March 31, 2022

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