Our website is growing and changing – and providing better information than ever before! You may have noticed our calendar….we’re no longer on Google Calendar, we have beautiful pages for each event, with individual links for you to share with your clubs!

The most imminent dates are on our homepage – and you can visit the full calendar HERE (there’s always a link at the bottom of the list on the homepage) with options for sorting and searching as needed.

How to submit events

EVENT COORDINATORS: We’re trying out a new process for submitting your area-wide, division-wide, and district-wide events. This will require you to have all your information gathered before submitting an event, so we can get all the details published in a timely manner….things like date, times, location including full address, Eventbrite links, etcetera. If you will have an event coming up, gather everything before attempting to submit it, or the form will not go through.

Volunteer Needed!

Are you the right person to help us keep up with our busy calendar of events?

As with all duties in Toastmasters – we’re all about on-the-job training! There’s a communications team that meets twice a month who can provide assistance; our webmaster and newsletter editor to provide technical training and graphics assistance. It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, add to your resume, and help out your fellow Toastmsters! The job requires someone who has:

  • a heart for our District Toastmasters Community.
  • basic internet skills (logging in, etc. No html experience required.)
  • availability to publish events in a timely manner.

A volunteer position like this is one that not only helps your fellow Toastmasters – it has benefits to grow YOU in your career -with training, you’ll learn skills that you can add to your resumé like:

  • Communications Team Experience. You’ll be working with district leaders across Washington and Alaska to create event pages on our website.
  • WordPress Experience. The task entails navigating a calendar plugin, entering event information, linking images, and publishing it.
  • Writing Experience. At times you’ll be called upon to assist in editing or writing to assist members in making their event descriptions compelling.
  • Managing Deadlines. Maintaining a calendar and keeping events updated.

The term of duty begins immediately – if you’re interested, email for more information!