By: Roberta Craig, Program Quality Director

District 32 is encouraging members to step out of the comfort of their clubs, step up as a committee member, and step into the journey of fellow Toastmasters. Participate in one of the district committees for a minimum of six months and enroll as a sponsor, promoter, coach, mentor, or facilitator as you accelerate to Distinguished Toastmaster.


1st Tuesday of of every month (5:30 PM Alaska / 6:30 PM Pacific). Click HERE to attend.

If you are looking to complete your DTM requirements by sponsoring a new club or looking for support in hosting an open house, this committee is for you. Committee members will explore identifying potential targets, club leads, and promoting the benefits of Toastmasters through open house and demonstration meetings.

2nd Thursday of of every month (5:30 PM Alaska / 6:30 PM Pacific). Click HERE to attend.

The public relations committee focuses on promoting the Toastmasters experience through our District website, newsletter, and social media accounts. Committee members will assist in reporting on district and club events using evergreen content and what’s in it for them messaging. If you want to enhance your public relations skills, promote your club events, and expand your social media marketing knowledge this is the committee for you.

3nd Monday of every month (6:30 PM Alaska / 7:30 PM Pacific). Click HERE to attend.

Approximately 60% of our clubs qualify for a club coach, yet less than a handful have an assigned coach. The Coaches’ Corner is a support committee for club coaches and all clubs needing assistance in enhancing the health and vibrancy of their club leadership and meetings. To encourage more Toastmasters to step up and help clubs in need, Toastmasters International has included an incentive that will allow club coaches to earn their district leadership requirement if they coach an eligible club to distinguished with twenty members by the end of this Toastmaster year. If you don’t want to give up competing in speech contests, this may be your year to sign up as a club coach. All you need to do is to enroll as a club coach, serve a minimum of six months, and help a fellow club reach excellence.

4th Tuesday of of every month (6:00 PM Alaska / 7:00 PM Pacific). Click HERE to attend.

Have you set a goal to complete your Pathways DTM? Do you wonder what qualifies for an HPL or a DTM project? The Education Committee is here to assist you in navigating the requirements for a Pathways DTM. Whether it is completing an HPL or DTM Project, a Speechcraft, or Youth Leadership Program, committee members will provide guidance and mentorship.

Approx. last Thursday of the month (12:00 noon Alaska / 1:00 PM Pacific). Click HERE to register.

How are you coping with our Zoom world? Some clubs are exploring getting back to in-person meetings and creating a whole new Toastmaster hybrid experience. Is this happening in your club? If it is, we would LOVE to have you or someone from your club join us. Committee members will help new-to-the-process clubs and glean lessons learned from clubs that have been meeting hybrid-style for a while now. The goal is to assist hybrid clubs in facilitating happy, healthy, and vibrant participation from all members regardless of attendance in-person or online.