The primary job of a Club Treasurer is to monitor the financial health of the club. It’s also the job of every club member to help keep clubs in “good standing” too! The procedure for sending in payments can be different as clubs manage their finances in different ways – keep an eye out for an email from your Club Treasurer with the steps to take.

On-time payment of membership dues for a minimum of 8 members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) before the deadline of October 1 in fall and March 31 in spring is required for a club to achieve Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Goal, and assures a club and its competitors are in good standing for Area, Division, and District Contests.

NOTE: In this ongoing pandemic season, it may help to remember that all club officers who are listed as such in TI’s system can renew their own TI portion of dues directly on the website. Log into Club Central, click “Submit a payment,” select the member, and scroll DOWN (memberships do not appear in the cart at the top at this point). From there the process is straightforward.

Treasurers: you may not be familiar with how to bill your members and how to get those payments in to Toastmasters International, but fear not! We’re here to help.

Sending Renewal Invoices to Members Using Free Toast Host

If your club uses Free Toast Host for your website, your club’s website administration page will allow you to send each existing member an invoice for their semi-annual dues renewal. With the help of your club’s webmaster, access the Admin Console and choose the Dues Management dropdown. This control panel will let you format your invoice, preview your invoice, and track member payments.

Now that you have member payments coming in, what’s next? To send your payments to Toastmasters International, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to, and choose Leadership Central, then Club Central.
  2. Click on your club name and then the Submit Payment button.
  3. Click the Add to Cart button next to each member payment you will be submitting, then click Continue to Payment button once you’ve added all the member names. Scroll down for the button to continue to payment.
  4. On the Submit Payment screen, enter in your club’s credit/debit card info and click Submit Payment.
  5. NOTE: All officers may use this payment system to submit dues – but the local club portion must be handled separately.

Congratulations! You’ve submitted your first dues payments and your club is on its way to achieving goals in the Distinguished Club Program. Go you!