By: Debbie Baker

Thank you to all officers that attended training. As officers, it is imperative that you serve as examples to your Club’s members. Attendance and participation in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) will ensure that clubs maintain happy, healthy and vibrant qualities. This is a terrific time to start the year with quality goals and intentional methods to reach those goals. Speaking of goals, the second award that is applied toward Distinguished Club achievement is the collection of renewal dues.

ATTENTION CLUB TREASURERS! August, one month into the new Toastmasters year, is time to begin the dues renewal requests. Consider sending out an announcement to all club members, reminding them that you are the officer who will be collecting club dues. In order to have the best response, be sure to include all the necessary information, such as the amount and deadline for dues payment, and how to make that payment. For payment by check, specify who should be named as payee and provide an address for mailed payments.  In addition to this information, consider adding a paragraph expressing your appreciation for member participation during the previous 6 month dues cycle. Acknowledging member benefits and accomplishments is a strong reminder about the value of membership participation. 

Distinguished Club Dues Collection Goal

To get credit for the Distinguished Club dues collection goal (DCP Goal #10a), a minimum of 8 club members must have paid their dues by the September 30 deadline. Communicate this goal to your Club’s members, to encourage timely dues payment. 

Did you know that there are tools on your Club’s website to assist with the dues collection process? Member invoices and payment tracking are easy to work with and effectively indicate payments received or outstanding.

Sending Renewal Invoices to Members

Your Club’s website administration page will allow you to send each existing member an invoice for their semi-annual dues renewal. With the help of your Club’s webmaster, access the Admin Console and choose the Dues Management dropdown. This control panel will let you format your invoice, preview your invoice, and track member payments.

As the treasurer, it is your responsibility to ensure that payments have been submitted to Toastmasters International prior to 9PM, on September 30th. Here is guidance for submitting the dues payments.

  1. Log on to, and choose Leadership Central, then Club Central.
  2. Click on your club name and then the Submit Payment button.
  3. Click the Add to Cart button next to each member payment you will be submitting, then click Continue to Payment button once you’ve added all the member names.
  4. On the Submit Payment screen, enter in your club’s credit/debit card info and hit Submit Payment.

Celebrate your success and the timely response from the club members. Great job, supporting your club as the Treasurer.  

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