Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

by Jun 8, 2017

Sometimes it is easy to get “lost in the crowd” when working within a large organization. Toastmasters works to avoid this through our tiered organizational structure. Each club is part of an AREA—typically 4 or 5 clubs—and is supported by an AREA DIRECTOR. You will find the name of your Area Director listed under your Club’s Area on the Division page.  One level above your Club’s Area is your Division. Divisions are typically comprised of 4-5 Areas and are relatively close to your club geographically. Training sessions are often conducted at the Division level to help reduce travel time for club members. You will find the name of your Division Director on the left-hand side of your Division page.  Just like club leadership, the Area and Division Directors serve 1-year terms from July 1 to June 30 the following year.

Our District 32 Divisional Webpages are intended to provide you with information about local events—Club, Area and Divison. If your club has a special event, let your Area Director know about it at least a month in advance and we will try to post an announcement here and on our district calendar.