Division E Director Blog – September 2018

by Sep 5, 2018

Division E Director Blog – September 2018

As the weather starts to cool, things in Division E start to heat up. This is the time in the club year where a lot of things start to happen all at once.

Dates to Remember
Now is the time for your clubs to be collecting the fall round of dues. Each club needs to have at least 8 new or renewing member dues turned in to Toastmasters International by September 30th to be considered a club in good standing and to receive points in the Distinguished Club Program.

Your first round of club visits and reports are due in to Toastmasters International in November. If you have conducted those visits, but have not turned in your reports yet, I highly encourage you to do so as soon as you can. As it gets closer to the November deadline, the system tends to bog down and there are more technical difficulties. If you have any questions about how to get those reports turned in please contact me.

The next District Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled for September 15th. If you could send me your Area updates by next Monday (9/11/18), I would really appreciate it.

Member Development Day Update
We are making progress on the Member Development Day program. I am working with Division F Director, Laurie McKeown to put that training opportunity together. The District received responses from 9% of the overall membership about what they’d like to see and the format they would like. Taking that in to consideration, Laurie and I are looking for a location in Anchorage for a Saturday in mid-November. It would be a 3-4 hour morning session focused on topics such as an evaluation workshop and how to structure spectacular speeches. We are also looking at ways that this program can be presented in the outlying areas. As things come together more, we will get that info out to all of you to share with your clubs.

Redesigned Brochures Available
As Pathways and the new design elements come out from Toastmasters International, they are starting to reissue brochures featuring the new information. In this last issue of The Leader Letter there is a link to the new Find Your Voice and Your Path to Leadership brochures. When visiting your clubs, take a minute to check their branded materials and advise them to update to the newest versions of items as soon as they can.

Finally, I want to say again how thankful I am that you all have volunteered to serve the members of your Area and the members of District 32 as a whole. I appreciate all your time, effort, and dedication. Thanks again.