Division E Director Blog – October 2018

by Oct 1, 2018

Thanks to all of my Area Directors for being proactive with your club visits and reminding your clubs about the fall dues cycle payment deadlines. We ended up with several clubs that didn’t get their minimum number of 8 payments in by 9/30/18, but they have until 3/30/19 to get to that level and regain their “Club in Good Standing” status. A quick reminder that if individual members do not get their club dues paid, they lose access to Pathways. And if a club does not achieve 8 payments before 3/30/19 they will be a suspended club.

Dates to Remember

Your first round of club visits and reports are due in to Toastmasters International in November. If you have conducted those visits, but have not turned in your reports yet, I highly encourage you to do so as soon as you can. As it gets closer to the November deadline, the system tends to bog down and there are more technical difficulties. If you have any questions about how to get those reports turned in please contact me.

Member Development Day Update

We are making progress on the Member Development Day program. I am working with Division F Director, Laurie McKeown to put that training opportunity together. There is now a draft agenda, date (11/17/18), and Anchorage location (BP Energy Center). Laurie are planning to meet soon to finalize a detailed version of the agenda and solidify our plans for the outlying areas. Area Directors from both Division E and F will be invited to attend that meeting and add their input, but it is certainly not mandatory.

Great Article from The Leader Letter

I know we all get a ton of email, but I didn’t want you to pass up this great article from the August Leader Letter. It’s a great read about the importance of candor and diplomacy when you’re a leader. These tips will not only be helpful in your current role as a Toastmaster leader, but as a leader in any aspect of your life.

Lead with Open Communication

Finally, I want to say again how thankful I am that you all have volunteered to serve the members of your Area and the members of District 32 as a whole. I appreciate all your time, effort, and dedication. Thanks again.