Many thanks to the District Leadership Committee (DLC) and its Chair, Kyle Hall. Here are the nominations being put forward by the DLC…

Committee Nominations

After interviews and deliberations, the District 32 Leadership Committee is happy to submit the following nominations for our 2020-2021 year…

District DirectorCarolyn Curley
Program Quality DirectorStephanie Lee
Club Growth DirectorRoberta Craig
Club Growth DirectorLori Zboralski
Division A DirectorBob Hays
Division B DirectorAdrienne Cappa
Division C DirectorJaymes O’Pheron
Division D DirectorRoxanne Strutz
Division E DirectorMelissa Jean
Division F DirectorKirsten Lein

Running From the Floor

As has already been communicated several times, there is a new rule put in place by TI this year.  Anyone wishing to run from the floor must have been vetted by the DLC.

The list of those who have been vetted, but have not been nominated, has been presented to the District Executive Committee Meeting.  

Other Opportunities to Serve Our Clubs

If you’re interested in an appointed position, such as Area Director, Finance Manager, Administration Manager or Public Relations Manager, please contact either Carolyn Curley or Kyle Hall ASAP.

It’s very likely that next year’s Trio, Division Directors and Area Directors will be looking for short and long term assistants. If you wish to strengthen your leadership muscles, flex existing skills and grow new ones, please contact the Director in question and ask them if they’d like some help.  I will make sure your information gets to the proper people after the elections on May 2nd.