What are they?  How can your club earn them?  How can your club spend them?

District Bucks are certificates issued by District 32 Toastmasters as incentives for club and member engagement. 

How are District Bucks earned?  This Toastmaster year, 14 clubs earned District Bucks for submitting their Club Success Plans before October 15, 2020.  All clubs that had at least four officers trained were entered in a drawing for District Bucks, and one club in each Division was awarded these valuable bucks. Several clubs earned District Bucks by participating in the My Why and the District Photo contests.  Other clubs earned District Bucks by meeting Mid-Year, membership, or Distinguished Club goals. These achievements required planning, work, and member participation on behalf of the clubs.  There are more incentives waiting to be earned!

On what can clubs spend District Bucks?  District Bucks certificates may be redeemed by a club after it has spent an amount equivalent to the certificate value for club membership recognition, club building, or purchases from the TI store.  Some clubs have redeemed their certificates by purchasing a new club banner after renaming their club.  Other clubs purchased items from the TI store to acknowledge their members (all received travel mugs), and some clubs have purchased Zoom accounts to use for membership building and member recognition events.  Clubs have also redeemed certificates after pushing Facebook and social media posts.  Other “outside the box” ideas for spending a club’s District Bucks may be approved by the Trio. NOTE: District Bucks cannot be used for “non-Toastmasters” gift certificates, gift cards, or other stored-value items.

Advanced clubs have another option for using District Bucks.  This spring, advanced clubs may contact the Conference Committee (Co-Chairs Melissa Jean and Carolyn Curley, and Conference Nerdmaster Robert Towner) to advertise their club during the 70th Annual District 32 Conference.  We are using WHOVA as the conference platform and will have poster sessions where advanced clubs may advertise how they can help Toastmasters reach their individual goals.  Participation is slated to cost $25 during the week of the conference.  Advanced clubs may contact us for more information.

Remember that these District Bucks have a shelf life!  They expire by June 1, 2021. To redeem your District Bucks, see the attachment in the notification email you received, it will instruct you on how to request reimbursement for qualifying expenditures.

Congratulations to the following clubs, who have been awarded District Bucks this year:

Advancing Alaska Toastmasters, Alaska USA, BP Club, Capitol Club, Centerpoint Toastmasters, CHI Franciscan Toastmasters, Chugach Power Talkers, Citizens of the World Toastmasters, Dimond Talkers, Fairbanks North Star Borough Toastmasters, Gig Harbor Toastmasters, Harbor Club, Iceman Orators, Jefferson County Toastmasters, Jefferson Speakers, Key Peninsula Toastmasters, Latitude 61 Toastmasters, Little Norway, Money Talks Toastmasters, Northwest Church, Olympus, Palmer Toastmasters, Port Angeles Toastmasters, Professionally Speaking Club, Public Utilities Toastmasters, Reach Your Summit, SKWIM, Sound Advice, Sweet’s Pride of Fairbanks Toastmasters, Tacoma #13 Early Birds, Thursday Nite Live, Tundra Talkers, U Speak Easy Club, Vocal Dialysis, and Word Weavers Toastmasters. 

Well done!

It’s not too late for your club to earn District Bucks.  Earn and redeem these certificates to support your club members!