By Carolyn Curley, District 32 Director

So far this club year, there have been 25 District Bucks awards made to clubs for accomplishing various membership and education goals. Those awards are used by clubs to help build membership and buy supplies.

When I I asked the Advancing Alaska Club how they spent their District Bucks awards, Club Treasurer Sherrie Simmonds told me:

“Advancing Alaska Toastmasters recently found itself in the enviable position of having $175 in District Bucks to spend. We had changed the name of our club from Anchorage Advanced Toastmasters to Advancing Alaska Toastmasters about a year ago and, because of meeting online, we hadn’t updated our banner. Whew! With shipping, buying a new banner from Toastmasters International took almost $135. But that meant we still had $40 to spend. Because we are an advanced club with minimum requirements to join (at least a CC, CL or Pathways Level 2), we generally try to promote our club by sending congratulations/invitations to anyone who reaches a level that would qualify them to join and everyone who completes their DTM. With not being able to meet in person, we had let that slide, so we decided to order note cards from TI and gather our officers’ signatures electronically. But that still left a little “money” on the table, so we requested, and received, permission from the D32 Director to purchase postage stamps. Our new banner has arrived, and we’re eager to meet in person to display it. We can’t wait to receive the note cards from TI. We’re sure there are Toastmasters who could benefit from the four evaluations given at Advancing Alaska’s meetings; they just need an invitation.”

There are still many opportunities for clubs to win a share of the District Bucks available this club year. Here are just a few:

  • 7 officers trained by 2/28 – drawing for $150 in District Bucks
  • 5 Distinguished Club Program goals by 12/31 – drawing for $50 in District Bucks
  • April membership consistency – drawing for $25 in District Bucks

And more! Click here to review all of the incentive programs currently running.