This year, District 32 has given out an amazing amount of District Bucks to clubs for various achievements. Sixty nine awards totaling more than $3,800 have been distributed around the District. To date only five clubs have redeemed their awards, and the deadline to use these bucks – June 1st – is approaching fast.

The question we usually get is, “What can I use the District Bucks for?” And the answer is A LOT! Some ideas include:

  • Advertising your club – Many clubs are struggling with membership this year and advertising your club is a great way to attract potential new members. Facebook ads are very affordable and can reach a targeted audience. Your club may also wish to print flyers or brochures to post around your area. Advertising can be done in your local paper. Get creative on how to spread the word on your amazing club.
  • Zoom subscription – Annual Zoom subscriptions qualify for reimbursement from your District Bucks.
  • Hybrid meeting equipment – Some clubs will need to purchase equipment to convert to a hybrid meeting environment. Your District Bucks could cover some of that cost to the club.
  • Club supplies – Clubs always need supplies like pins and ribbons. Some clubs still need updated banners and lecterns. You could also purchase printed materials for visitor or new member packets.
  • Open house expenses – Another way to attract members is through open houses. While online open houses may not have the food expense, your club could advertise or purchase printed items as part of an event.

The options are varied, and if you still have questions about whether or not an expense would qualify please contact the District at