By: Roberta Craig

We understand that growing club membership is a challenge. To encourage clubs to host an open house, District 32 is sponsoring an open house tour marketing campaign. To participate, clubs may submit a single open house event through the District’s Event Request Form four weeks in advance of your planned event. The Event Request must include:

  • The event registration link (such as Eventbrite).
  • The online meeting information.
  • PDF of the compete Agenda with all roles filled.
  • A description of the theme of the event.

The District will supplement your marketing efforts by posting your open house on the District’s Event Calendar and publicizing the event on the District’s Facebook page. 

To encourage other clubs to assist in “packing the seats,” members from other clubs can earn credit towards their District Passport. See Club Support/Rewards Program/District Passport for more details.

Marketing your club 

Check out District 32’s Club Officer Training page for videos on marketing your club. Kyle Hall’s Marketing 101 video explores rethinking club growth with building a happy, healthy and vibrant club that retains and grows members. Roberta Craig’s Marketing Your Club Through Eventbrite session introduces setting up an Eventbrite account for your club. 

Remember to register for the February 23 Club Officer Training for more tips on marketing your club though Eventbrite and Facebook.

But wait – there’s more!

The District will buy Facebook advertisement for clubs who submit a video advertisement for their event using the D32 Appetizing Marketing Submission Form. Show off your club pride by submitting those My Why, Wow Factor, or PowerPoint.MOV videos. The more the merrier.