Our District 32 contests are right around the corner! These events are online and each requires registration to attend; come out to support them!

Registration links for the two dates are below!

The time schedule for BOTH contests, which are happening on SEPARATE days, is as follows:
The contest begins at 1:00 p.m. PDT; Noon AKT.
Functionaries and contestants are to arrive 45 minutes before the contest (12:15 p.m. PDT, 11:15 a.m. AKT.) 
Audience members should arrive before 1:00 p.m. PDT; Noon AKT.

District 32 Evaluation Contest is Saturday, May 30, 2020.  REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND! The winner will be the District 32 Evaluation Champion; this contest does not go beyond District level. Evaluation Contestants:   

  • Division A     Stuart Magoon            
  • Division B    Lindy MacLaine   
  • Division C    Dan Graves   
  • Division D    Douglas Sabourin   
  • Division E    John Rozzi   
  • Division F    Wanetta Ayers

District 32 International Speech Contest is Sunday, May 31, 2020. REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND! The winner goes on to compete further in the international arena representing District 32.  International Speech Contestants:   

  • Division A    Madonna Hanna
  • Division B    Lindy MacLaine   
  • Division C    Phil Person   
  • Division D    William Soyring   
  • Division E    Annette Wislon   
  • Division F    Ryan Roley

-Judy Young, Contest Co-chair