2016-2017 is a year that will be talked about for decades in our District. Every member and every club contributed to our Select Distinguished status. I saw extreme devotion from so many of us in June. We actually exceeded our original goal by 20%, with 48 of our Clubs achieving Distinguished status. Even more amazing to me is that 40 of the 48 blew by Distinguished to Select (13) and President’s (27)! I am thankful for the efforts of every member, every club leader, and every district leader in District 32.

To celebrate our achievements, we will gather on July 29. We already have celebrations planned in Tacoma and Anchorage, and we are working on Fairbanks and Juneau. The best place to watch for details are the calendars on our brand-spanking new D32 website, http://d32toastmasters.org. Click on the “hamburger menu” in the upper right (the three horizontal lines) and expand the Calendar and Events menu. Click on the AK – Calendar or WA – Calendar for the July 29 events in your Divisions.

Note: Just before these celebrations is the first meeting of the new year for our District Officers as the District Executive Council (DEC). Locations and connection instructions can be found in the calendar entries.

How do we carry this momentum into the new year? I suggest having our club officers get trained and then work on their Club Success Plan…

  1. The first round of 8 TLIs just finished. Secondary events are being planned for those that could not attend. Watch the D32 Calendars for those. Some are already shown. Those that have already attended have seen the new Club Marketing 101 workshop. These fabulous ideas assembled by Kyle Hall, our Program Quality Director, lead our clubs through the process of building an Annual Marketing Plan.
  2. The Club Success Plan (TI document #1111 – it’s downloadable!) causes our club leaders to look at where we want to be next June, and develop a plan to get there.

If you want help developing either – or both – of these plans, please contact your District Leaders, starting with your Area Director (AD). If you’re not sure who your AD is, contact me directly or see the 2017-2018 Alignment of Clubs, Areas, and Divisions.

Speaking of ADs, I’d like to personally thank Vicky Roberts of North Beach Speech Masters for stepping up to fill the last remaining spot – the brand new Area 35! I believe we have a marvelous team of leaders for our District in 2017-2018. Every one of us is part of the support team for our clubs and members. If you are not asking us for help, you’re missing out on a tremendous resource.

Cliché time: Failing to plan is planning to fail. July is the time to start planning for the success of our clubs, not next May. Build on the success of your club last year and plan for this year’s success. The new ADs are already visiting clubs. PLEASE ask for help with your planning. As I said Sunday in Poulsbo… Success in Toastmasters start at the top. The difference in Toastmasters is that the MEMBER is at the top of the “org chart”! All the rest – the clubs, the areas, the divisions, the districts and even Toastmasters International – is there to support the success of each MEMBER.

You’re not alone – We’re in this together,

Mike Marion, DTM

2017-2018 District 32 Director


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