Looking back on our growth and accomplishments …

District 32 is on track to finish the year as Distinguished District! In the home stretch, this fine accomplishment is ours to lose.

We are clearly on track to finish with enough membership payments and new clubs.

Where could we lose? Answer: In the category of Distinguished clubs. We have 15 Distinguished clubs with Tundra Talkers and Olympus having recently joined this group of achievers. We need 25 more to reach our goal of 40 Distinguished clubs.

Looking ahead to 25 more Distinguished Clubs

Will your club be the club that puts us over the top?

Failure is impossible! In these next five weeks, we can do it.

Formulate a plan to finish the year Distinguished. Put the plan into action. The following ideas may help build membership:

Join Meetup. It is free to clubs, because District 32 has a Meetup account. See the District 32 website for instructions. If you need further help, contact Club Growth Director, Kyle Hall. Clubs have benefitted from joining Meetup. Yours can, too.
Waive club dues for members who join in May and June. Since the benefits of Toastmasters begin immediately, sign members up now, rather than waiting until July 1. The waiver of club dues may be the incentive that puts you over the top.
Consider a small gift, such as a coffee card, to each member who brings a guest who becomes a member and to the new member.
Have a membership building contest.
Have an open house in June.

If Distinguished Club Program goals need to be submitted to Toastmasters International, urge your Vice President Education to do that now.

If your club is already Distinguished, don’t stop now. Invite others to join your vibrant and growing club. See if you can beat the clock. If you get five new members, you beat the clock, and your club receives $20.00 from the District and is put into a drawing for an additional $75.00.

We are not only building clubs, we are impacting lives. By sharing with others the benefits that we have gained from Toastmasters, we make the world a better place and earn our reward of proudly ascending the stage together at the International Convention, August 23-26 in Vancouver, B.C.