Our first ever fully virtual District 32 Conference, held just a few weeks ago, was a smashing success! This is in no small part due to the hard work of the Conference Co-Chairs, Carolyn Curley and Melissa Jean. We are now looking for co-chairs for the 2022 annual conference, and we hope it can be a great opportunity for a hybrid event.

As a co-chair, you are not working alone. The entire conference team works together to help each other create a positive experience for the members attending the District Conference. This team consists of dedicated Toastmasters who agree to engage in the planning and execution of the needs of the Conference. Conference Co-chairs are accountable for their attendance at planning meetings and the timely completion of the deliverable items throughout the planning phase.

The main job duties of the co-chairs are:

  • Creating the conference theme and ensuring it is consistent throughout all educational content and advertising.
  • Locating a facility and/or platform to host the conference.
  • Obtaining, developing, and training a team of conference sub-chair positions to create, design, organize, and execute a superior conference experience for our members.
  • Coordinating a keynote speaker with the help of the District Director.
  • Advertising the conference appropriately, to ensure that as many Toastmasters as possible attend this event. (Friends and family are also welcome.)
  • Supervising the Conference Education Chair in selecting appropriate and worthwhile training sessions for the conference.
  • Finding and coordinating with a Contest Chair to put on the District International Speech Contest.

This may sound like a big job, and you may ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” There are several benefits. You will meet a lot of people who are as hungry for knowledge and the chance to stretch themselves in a new role as you are. Volunteering at the District level provides you with more opportunities to give speeches and do projects for Pathways achievements. Just like in your club, you’ll learn by doing with the guidance of more experienced Toastmasters. You’ll meet a lot of nice people, too!

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us at pqd@d32toastmasters.org