By: Stephanie Lee, District Director

Develop  – Enhance – Thrive. This is the theme for the 71st annual D32 conference to be held online on the Whova platform (Apple or Android) the week of May 9th, 2022.

Do you remember how you felt when you stepped into the room for your first Toastmasters meeting? What did you imagine? Did you imagine where you could grow or was that beyond your capabilities at that time? Now, imagine where you may go with Toastmasters.

Our leaders this year acknowledge that someone else had to believe in them before they believed in themselves. We are tapping you on the shoulder to tell you we believe in you. We believe you may accomplish more than your imagination may conceive. We are here to help you build the skills and confidence so you may believe in yourself. As we believe in you, we encourage you to believe in others. Pass it on.

As you hone your skills through participation in the Toastmasters program, both within and beyond the club, you achieve your goals. You encourage others to achieve their goals. Whether your goal is to have the courage to speak to one other person, speak to a large group, or even lead a group, we are here to support you.

In this continuum of growth from Develop  – Enhance – Thrive, this conference will provide you with information, support, and encouragement. Set aside time to attend various online events the week of May 9th. Some of the conference highlights include our District Council meeting (to elect the leaders for the 2022-23 club year and conduct District business), many enlightening educational sessions, and our D32 International Speech Contest.

Look for more details as our conference committee firms up the schedule and plans. If you want to participate in the planning or support our efforts, contact the Conference Chair, Serena Lozano or Program Quality Director, Roberta Craig.