Changes, changes, and more changes! This spring, we are being tested on our ability to be flexible. I am so impressed and amazed by our D32 Toastmasters stepping up to challenges of social distancing, online meetings and contests, and connecting with other Toastmasters around the globe.

Zoom access for D32 Divisions

Our Division Directors have access to Zoom accounts for Area and Division contests. In addition, the D32 “Nerdmasters” team have pulled together to support the use of the District Zoom accounts. Each contest will have a dry run and contest scheduled along with the support of the D32 Nerdmasters and Head Nerdmaster Michael Davison. Think about how you can be accessible, promote your club yet still protect your members from uninvited or unwelcome actions of meeting participants. If you have questions, please contact me at Look for more information to be shared. In the meantime, here is a link for a Zoom tutorial!

Online Club Meetings: let us know!

Share your meeting information with your Area and Division Directors so we can visit your club! If your club is not meeting, let us know how we can still support and connect with you. 

Speech contests are moving online

See THIS POST for more information.

Educational Program

Toastmasters International announced an extension for those members working toward Advanced Leader Silver and Distinguished Toastmaster. The High Performance Leadership project under the Traditional Educational Program has been included in the leadership requirement extensions. Information regarding this extension is found here.

Stay connected and stay tuned for more information!