GOOD NEWS!  The District 32 Conference Committee is working to create a contest track that captures the next level of the participant journey. All will be online; we’re working on setting dates for contests, and the following have been scheduled:

  • May 2: Areas 11, 12, 13, 14, Area 21, Areas 32, 33, 35
  • May 16: Division A
  • Weekend of May 30 – 31: District 32 Online Contests
    • Evaluation Contest – Saturday, May 30, 1 p.m. Pacific Time, Noon Alaska Time.
    • International Speech Contest – Sunday, May 31, 1 p.m. Pacific Time, Noon Alaska Time.

Training Session

Sound Advice Toastmasters Club will be offering zoom training April 16th. RSVP from their website to participate.

Interested in competing? 

This is the year! We encourage all clubs to hold their respective contests (if not already completed) and take on the challenge. This year you don’t have to travel in order to compete at each level. If you have never competed, perhaps this year you will embrace the opportunity and throw your hat in the ring. Area and Division contests will be listed on the calendar section of the D32 website.

District 32 Conference Committee will be creating Eventbrite registrations soon.  Watch for the links in upcoming issues of the View from 32!

Interested in volunteering to help? 

Are you willing to fill a contest role?  Send an email to let us know. Please include all the clubs of which you are a member, and your current level of speech progression within the Toastmasters awards system (number of speeches given, levels achieved).

Questions? Contact Debbie Baker, Conference Committee Chair