As clubs are thinking about their meetings for the rest of the year in the midst of the latest wave of Covid, it’s good to have the latest guidance from Toastmasters International. This is the text of a letter received by all District Leaders and Club Presidents in December:

December 10, 2021

Dear Club Presidents and District Directors,

Over the past several weeks, World Headquarters has received a growing number of inquiries regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and/or masking requirements. Club officers are seeking guidance on whether vaccination and/or masking requirements can or need to be enforced for clubs to meet in person, and Districts are questioning the need for proof of vaccination and/or masking requirements for attendees to attend District-sponsored events.

Toastmasters International does not have policies regarding a requirement to provide proof of vaccination or to wear a mask to meet in person to attend events. As we have learned, the impact of the virus varies drastically from one place to another. Therefore, it is not feasible to create a policy that would be applicable to members and clubs worldwide.

Instead, we recommend that each club and District adhere to:

1. Local governmental restrictions for in-person gatherings.
2. Specific requirements set by the venue at which the club meeting or District event is taking place.

We hope that this information will help our clubs and Districts reach a resolution that meets all comfort levels. Please share this with your teams and club officers.


Club Member Support and District Growth Support Teams

Toastmasters International