By Roberta Craig, D32 Program Quality Director

Congratulations to the contestants listed below for winning their Area Contests and moving forward to the Division Contests this April.

Be sure to check out District 32’s Contest Page for Division contest dates and Zoom links. Come and cheer on your fellow Toastmasters as they seek to represent their Division. Winners of the Division contests will advance to the District Conference Evaluation Contest on May 10 and International Speech Contest on May 14. Mark your calendars so you can urge these contestants on!

Distinguished Toastmasters, we need your assistance to finish this contest season strong! Please contact me at to volunteer as a functionary official for contests. Let me know if you are also willing to perform as a judge or test speaker in another district. Remember TEAM work makes the dream work!

Division A

Area 11 Evaluation            Richard Scholtz, Tacoma #13 Early Birds

Area 11 International Speech    Julia Narvaez, Tacoma #13 Early Birds

Area 12 International Speech    Lenora Shaw, Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters Club

Division B

Area 21 Evaluation            Kyle Hall, Laugh Lab Storymasters

Area 22 Evaluation            Justin Shaputis, Little Norway

Area 23 Evaluation            Karen McNamara, Bremerton

Area 21 International Speech    Hannelore Dean, Jefferson County

Area 22 International Speech    Shantia Crowley, Little Norway

Area 23 International Speech    M.E. Bartholomew, Professionally Speaking

Division C

Area 31 Evaluation            Carolyn Cox, Stately Speakers

Area 32 Evaluation            Connie Gent, Capitol Club

Area 31 – International Speech   Doris Zahn, Stately Speakers

Area 33 – International Speech   George Sharp, Dawn Talkers

Division D

Area 41 Evaluation            Nikki Malcom, Wakeup4Wealth

Area 43 Evaluation            Leona Shaw, Steal the Show

Area 41 Speech            Nikki Malcom, Wakeup4Wealth

Area 43 Speech            Eileen Beck, Word Weavers

Division E

Area 51 Evaluation            Kim Streeter, Fairbanks North Star Borough

Area 53 Evaluation            Annette Wilson, Anchor 

Area 51 – International Speech   Eric Muehling, Tundra Talkers

Area 53 – International Speech   Annette Wilson, Anchor

Division F

Area 61 Evaluation            Muhannad Saleh, First City

Area 62 Evaluation            John Rozzi, Palmer

Area 61 Speech            Muhanned Saleh, First City

Area 62 Speech            Marilyn Bennet, Palmer