Congratulations to all contestants in the 2021 District 32 Evaluation and International Speech contests! More than 150 people were in attendance from multiple districts for our second online district contests.

Congratulations Lindy MacLaine for winning the District 32 Evaluation Contest on April 20. Special thanks go out to Contest Chair Vicki Randolph, Chief Judge Joyce Nugent from District 2, Toastmaster Theo Hunt, and guest speaker Doug Bloom from District 39, who helped make this contest a success.

Evaluation Contestants included:

  • Division A     Sherrie Kenyon, 3rd place
  • Division B    Lindy MacLaine, 1st place
  • Division C    Kelly Cross Reese, 2nd place
  • Division D    Don Everly Smith
  • Division E    Karen Robinette

Congratulations Danielle Rylander for winning the District 32 International Speech Contest on April 24. She will advance to represent District 32 in the Toastmasters International Speech contest. Special thanks to Contest Chair Doug Mills, as well as to Chief Judge Paula Green and Toastmaster Talisa Hall, who both hail from District 29, for making this contest a success.

International Speech contestants included:

  • Division A    Madonna Hanna
  • Division B    ME Bartholomew, 3rd place
  • Division C    Danielle Rylander, 1st place
  • Division D    David Paulson    
  • Division E    Dan Morris, 3rd place
  • Division F    Carmel Anderson, 2nd place

Thank you to all of our judges and functionaries who made this event possible.  Many volunteered from other districts to make our 2021 Evaluation and International Speech contests enjoyable for all.  Last, but not least, special thanks to the Nerdmasters for working their magic “behind the curtain” to make our contests possible.

Well done, contestants and volunteers. You have all helped make our 2021 Evaluation and International Speech contests a success!