A goal without a plan is just a dream. The goal of any Toastmasters club is to have a happy, healthy, vibrant club. But without a Club Success Plan, that goal is just a dream.

The Club Success Plan (CSP) is a planning document for defining the goals of a club. It serves as a road map that helps the club reach its goals towards success and assists members in defining their personal development goals. Club officers and members should create a CSP during the club year to help them achieve both of these goals.

If your club has never done a CSP, or hasn’t done one in a while, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of putting one together. But, as usual, Toastmasters has some resources for you to use.

In addition to the formal CSP template from Toastmasters, District 96 has an Excel spreadsheet available here to create a CSP based on the Distinguished Club Program goals. You can create your own version of the plan that works best for your club. Whatever format helps you focus on areas for club improvement and how to reach your goals is a successful CSP.

This year, District 32 is offering a $25 District Bucks incentive to every club that completes a CSP. To receive the incentive, complete a CSP in any format and submit that plan to your Area Director by October 31st