Question:  Our club is meeting online.  With Officer elections coming up, we’ll discuss nominations in April, and we will conduct our election of club officers during our first meeting in May.  Can you suggest how to do a confidential vote in a virtual setting, in case we have more than one candidate for an office?

Answer: Here are four different options for holding a confidential vote:

  1. Have members email their votes to the Chair for the Nominating Committee.  The Chair shares only the results. If you want even more anonymity, ask your Area Director to attend the meeting and act as Vote Counter.  Members email their vote to him/her.
  2. Create a Google Survey, similar to the ones we use for TLI evaluations, or the free version of Survey Monkey. You would create a ballot with candidate names, send out the survey link during the meeting and members could vote anonymously. You would be able to do this during a meeting.
  3. If you turned on the Polling feature in Zoom, before the meeting started you could create a Zoom Poll, allowing members to vote anonymously.
  4. If your club has 20 or fewer members, you could create a free ElectionBuddy account.  You would create the Ballot in ElectionBuddy, send out the link during your meeting and you’d have the results back before the end of the meeting.