What a year! How are your members and you club doing? As we begin to transition to the New Year, how are your officers setting up your club for success?

Incoming Club Officer Training: 

District 32 is holding online training for our club officers. Check out the schedule here.

Do you want to attend training at a different time or with a different district? Check out District 96’s compilation of training offered through districts in Region 1!

Final Tasks:

Not only are club Base Camp Managers and officers submitting final educational achievements for members, clubs still need to submit their incoming officer list. Why does this list need to be submitted BEFORE June 30? If the list is not submitted, the club cannot access Club Central. Your achievements cannot be entered. Are your dues current? Does your club have a new member to enter? Has your meeting location changed? Your incoming club officers will not be able to conduct club business after June 30 if this information is not provided to Toastmasters International. 

Check to see if your club needs to submit this information here.

Encourage your club officers to set you up for success next year.


Is your club holding a celebration marking the end of this year and the beginning of the New Year? Post the information through your club social media and share to District 32. Congratulations to our Distinguished Clubs:

  • Distinguished: Tacoma Bureaucrats Toastmasters Club
  • Select Distinguished: Inside Out Toastmasters, Tundra Talkers Toastmasters Club, Valley Toastmasters Club
  • President’s Distinguished (9 Goals): Alaska USA Toastmasters Club, Meridian Toastmasters, Little Norway Club, Reach Your Summit Toastmasters Club #1191438, CHI Franciscan Toastmasters
  • President’s Distinguished (10 Goals): Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters Club, Public Utilities Toastmasters, Word Weavers

Great Job to all our distinguished clubs!