This year, D32 had two candidates for the Club Growth Director position. This position is the first of a four-year commitment to support and encourage Toastmasters throughout District 32. Lori and Roberta, thank you for demonstrating courage, bravery, and willingness to provide our members with a choice for leadership. Choices provide opportunities for growth. 

How easy is it to say that is someone else is running, you won’t? My gratitude goes to both Lori and Roberta for stepping up and showing interest. They took a chance to try. 

Every member is encouraged to begin their leadership journey with a club officer position. What choices has your club given to your members? What choices are you willing to provide? Develop a message and share your passion about a role or task in club or district leadership. Whether you are voted into the position or not, there is value in the experience. Practice sharing your message to your club and beyond.

If your club has not yet held elections, there is still time. Hold your club elections before the end of May and submit the information into Club Central. Training is scheduled to begin in June.

You can learn more about serving as a club officer and club elections in this article.

We are here to encourage you to try. Try something you have not done before. What new challenge will you take on this next year?

-Carolyn Curley, Program Quality Director