by Kyle Hall

As you may know, at the end of each Toastmasters year we announce a series of awards, generally referred to as “Of The Year” awards.

After much consideration, here is our “Of The Year” Awards for our 2018-2019 year! (The recipients of these awards have already been informed.)

If is our plan to present the actual award to them at the first large event in their Division.  For most of us, this will be the upcoming Member Development Days (MDD). For a few, it might mean the Winter TLIs. 

I want you to know that the choice of who would receive each award was difficult. Each person is receiving their award because our peers put your name forward for consideration…and our District Leaders thought they deserved it.

It was my honor to have each of these members on our team last year and I thank them for your exemplary service.

Rising Stars:

This award is given to members who have recently stepped up their leadership game across the District. Winners are listed alphabetically.

  • Amanda Paredes (Club 9862)
  • Amy McFarlane (Club 7265014)
  • Brad Coy (Club 1373567)
  • Charlotte  Morris (Club 6639094)
  • Kirsten Lein (Club 1173790)
  • Manny Martinez (Club 84)
  • Robin Brooks (Club 5263)
  • Robin Lee (Club 4681)
  • Ryan Orseth (Club 63)
  • Troy Stevens (Club 6362)

Shining Stars:

This award is given to members who have proven their leadership skills across the District. Winners are listed by Division..

  • Teresa Hovland (Div A) (Club 3759)
  • Jean McDonald (Div B) (Club 3196250)
  • Jaymes O’Pheron (Div C) (Club 1793)
  • Roxanne Strutz (Div D) (Club 1295074)
  • Melissa Jean (Div E) (Club 1279222)
  • Joanna DeSanto (Div F) (Club 6412)

Club President Of The Year: Lindy MacLaine (in Div B) (Club 907529)

Area Director Of The Year: Naomi Sweetman (in Div E) (Club 7265014)

Division Director Of The Year: Debbie Baker (in Div C) (Club 6484660)

District Toastmaster Of The Year: Roberta Craig (in Div F) (Club 1373567)