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Make Your Voice Heard

The District Council Meeting is September 17 at 9 AM Alaska / 10 AM Pacific. Every Toastmasters club in good standing will have the opportunity to vote on issues that will affect the future of our District. First up is the...

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Traveling Toastmasters

Have you ever contemplated building a house? Recently, I’ve been romanticizing about my ideal retirement residence.  Its location, features to ensure the home will work for aging inhabitants, construction logistics,...

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Calling Podcast Toastmasters

Hello Toastmasters. Are you looking for a podcast? Are you looking to do a podcast? Did you know Nerdmasters has a podcast? Welcome to the Nerdcasters Podcast the Toastmasters podcast with nerdy goodness. We have been...

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12 Week Year Plan Workshop

“Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I dream”  ~Depak Chopra This year the District leadership team would like to introduce and utilize a process toward achieving greater results in your lives. Every...

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Contest Update

By Roberta Craig, D32 Program Quality Director Congratulations to the contestants listed below for winning their Area Contests and moving forward to the Division Contests this April. Be sure to check out District 32’s Contest...

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An elevated threat level exists for all toastmaster clubs. Members may have received an email with the subject “Assistance with An Errand” requesting assistance for a charity donation. Neither I personally, nor anyone in District 32 would make such a request. Please delete such emails without responding to the email. Also, please share these instructions to your club members.

Roberta Craig, District Director


2022/23 Calendar Overview

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