by Laurie McKeown, DTM

Are you looking to earn your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award? Or to help others on their journey to DTM? If the answer is yes, we want to let you know about a newly-formed DTM Coaching Committee that will meet on a monthly basis. As a subcommittee of the D32 Education Committee, the goal of this group is to connect members wishing to earn DTMs with resources in their locales to help them accomplish this admirable goal. Some of the group’s objectives in the coming months are to: 

  • Find mentors for members who want to earn DTM
  • Create an accessible list of potential DTM and HPL projects, and opportunities for presentations and workshops that fulfill DTM requirements
  • Actively seek out members wishing to earn DTM awards and offer support

We are looking for more committee members! Please note you do not need to have earned a DTM to be part of this group. We find great value from the input of those who are currently working on the journey, as well as those who have earned one or more DTMs. If this committee sounds appealing to you, we want you to join us!

If interested in joining the committee, or if you are a member seeking DTM and want to learn about resources that can help you, please contact the DTM Coaching Committee Chair, Laurie McKeown.