District 32 is hereby requesting nominations for District Leaders to serve for the 2022–2023 Toastmasters year.

If you are looking for leadership opportunities and challenges that will take you to the next level, not only in Toastmasters but also in your professional development, consider serving as a district leader.

 The nominating committee is searching for energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals interested in providing quality leadership in District 32. Take the next step up and discover the leader within you. The opportunities for growth are endless!

We are looking to fill the following leadership positions: Area Directors, Division Directors, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Public Relations Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director. Each of these positions will count toward one year of leadership service for your Pathways DTM. Learn more about the competencies you may gain through serving as a District Leader here.

 Are you interested in nominating yourself or another member for a district leader position?

 To be nominated, elected, and hold office, a member must meet the following requirements:

Please keep in mind, we only nominate and elect the Division Directors and District Trio (Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director) officer roles. The District Director-Elect will appoint the positions of Area Director, Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager, and Administration Manager; however, the District Leadership Committee will interview all nominated, floor, and appointed candidates.

All potential candidates must submit all the required forms, listed above, to the District Director at dd@d32toastmasters,org no later than February 15th, 2022. Should you have any questions regarding the Nomination process, please email those questions with the subject of Nomination Process to dd@d32toastmasters.org.