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Farewell to Meetup

This year the District 32 trio made the decision to cease the use of Meetup. For those clubs that utilize this marketing tool, the District subscription will expire at the end of March.  In an effort to ensure that clubs...

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Remembering Sandi Waring

From speech by Toastmaster Doris Zahn, President of Stately Speakers Club 888481, 2019-2020″Sandi personifies the Toastmasters Promise we all should strive to attain.  Sandi attends meetings regularly, prepares and...

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Ready for an Advanced Club?

By: Judy Young, DTM, PDD Are you looking to step up your Toastmaster experience?  Do you need a greater challenge?  More in-depth evaluations? A new audience? If you have completed Level Two of a path, consider an...

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Club sponsor? Together we can!

By Debbie Baker, Club Growth Director Club Sponsor Training –  October 5, 2020 at 5:30 pm Alaska time / 6:30 pm Pacific Time A Club Sponsor serves as a guide, helping new clubs to learn the Toastmasters requirements,...

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2021/22 Calendar Overview