Area Director Visits and Reports Due November 30, 2017

by Nov 10, 2017

The deadline is fast approaching for submission of Area Director Club Visit Reports: November 30. I know many clubs have already been visited. If your AD has asked for help from your club officers to complete the AD Visit Report, please step up ASAP. These reports are vital to your club and the District. The reports provide crucial information for the District to establish which clubs want help and what kind of help is needed.

If you have already completed your Club Success Plan (CSP), be sure to share this with your AD. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Ask your AD for help with your CSP and you’ll find that your CSP is amazingly similar to the AD’s Club Visit Report. Your CSP & Club Visit Report are keys to your club’s success!

Congratulations to the following Area Directors who have already submitted all their Club Visit Reports as of November 9:

  • Vicky Roberts, Area 35
  • Larry Krack, Area 43
  • Carrie Santoro, Area 51
  • Ken Hilfiker, Area 52