By: Stephanie Lee

The club year has gotten underway and that means Area Director visits to clubs are starting. Part of the District’s mission is to ensure every club fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, the District must establish and maintain positive, supportive relationships with each club. By visiting each club in their Area twice a year, Area Directors identify strengths and opportunities for improvement for their clubs, while also working to build and maintain positive relationships with the club. During the visit, club officers and the Area Director should plan to discuss:

  • Club Success Plan
  • Club’s status in the Distinguished Club Program
  • Upcoming/scheduled events
  • Members interested in serving in leadership positions
  • Goals or milestones for the club to achieve

These conversations are a great opportunity for clubs and Area Directors to share feedback and advice for success.

Another great tool for clubs and Area Directors to keep communication going is the Area Council. This group is made up of the Area Director and all the club presidents, VPEs, and VPMs from the Area. The purpose of the Council is to provide help to clubs with things like:

  • Leadership training
  • Membership building ideas
  • Event planning
  • Marketing ideas
  • Goal setting

The Area Council also serves as a peer support group for club leaders. It’s a forum to share struggles and get ideas from your fellow leaders.

Remember to take advantage of these support tools. You’re not in this alone!