District 32 is quickly approaching the November 30th deadline to submit Area Director Reports. In order for your Area to become Distinguished (or Select or President’s Distinguished), Area directors must submit Area Director’s Club Visit Reports for no less than 75% of their club base by November 30th.

Here are a few tips on submitting your reports and how to achieve the honor of being a Distinguished Area.


  • Visit your clubs early (and often) – Hopefully you have already done this part, but you still have time. With clubs currently meeting online, you have the opportunity to visit more than once and get a real feel for how the club is doing. You can often strategically time a visit for a period when you are looking for Area Contest volunteers and/or planning an Area Council Meeting. (Learn how to conduct an effective virtual evaluation.)
  • Talk with the officers before and after your visit – It is a good practice to send a blank Area Director Report form to all of the club officers ahead of your planned visit and ask them to provide the member names and and other information needed for the Achievements Recognition portion of the report. This lets the officers know the type of information you are looking for and gives them a chance to think about who in their club is working toward their development goals. Then after your visit, send the officers your completed report before submitting it to Toastmasters International.
  • Save your work – Every time you complete a question or section of the online report form, save your progress! If you leave your computer screen idle too long you might lose all your hard work. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • Give yourself enough time to finish the reports – These reports take a while to fill in completely. Don’t wait until 11:50 pm on the day of the deadline and expect to complete all your reports. Sometimes the Toastmasters International website gets slower or buggier the closer it gets to the deadline. Plan for it to take at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete each report (possibly longer if you have a lot of information). Also, make sure to fill in every question. Even if you have nothing to report in the education awards section, write NA in the box. You will not be able to submit a report if there are blank sections.
  • Make sure it worked – After you finalize and submit your report, double check to make sure that it is showing as “Complete” in the Toastmasters International records. You can also check that you met your Area requirements on the Division and Area Performance Dashboard. Sometimes these take a day or more to update, which is another good reason not to wait until the day the report is due to submit it.


  • Get to know your Area Director – Area Directors are the biggest source of support and information for clubs and their leadership. Invite your Area Director to attend special event meetings or just any regular meeting. Establishing that relationship will help you throughout the club year. A list of the Area Directors can be found here.
  • Complete your Club Success Plan – When your Area Director asks for your help in completing the Area Director report, he or she is going to want to know who in your club is working towards achievement goals. If you have a comprehensive Club Success Plan, chances are you’ve already identified those members and can easily provide that information.

Now, it is time to stop reading this and submit those reports! What are you waiting for?