An Overview of Trello

by Nov 29, 2017

Imagine for just a minute that you are starting a project. As a thoughtful person, you pause for a bit before you jump into your first task to complete your project. You realize that there are many places that you could begin your journey, but not all starting places will lead you to smooth sailing. Your first task? Planning. Whether you are embarking on a solo journey, or as part of a team, being able to see the “big picture” is helpful to plan the milestones that will let you know your project is on track. Trello is a tool to do just that.

One way that I like to view Trello is by thinking of a virtual bulletin board comprised of several vertical LISTS. Each list is a self-contained accomplishment… if I were taking a week-long road trip, each list might be a day’s worth of driving. But how do I know where to go each day? Where will I stop? Which roads will I travel? I need milestones to mark my journey. In Trello, each vertical list contains CARDS that help me to keep track of the tasks that make up my journey. Each card can have file attachments, due dates, comments, reminders, and more.

Toastmasters is Where Leaders are Made. I encourage you to try using Trello as a leadership tool in your Toastmasters’ journey–see where it takes you!