The voice of your club and its members are heard at the District through the District Council meetings (DCMs) and at Toastmasters International (TI) during the General Business meeting at the international convention.

Toastmasters requires each club to have at least three officers, the president, a vice president, and secretary or secretary/treasurer. The District recommends that the vice president of education (VPE) position is filled.

Information from the Club Leadership Handbook:

  • The club presidents and the club VPEs are members of the District Council (page 17). Clubs are given two votes for the District Council Meetings (DCM). Business conducted at the DCM include adoption of the district budget, election of district leaders, approval of leader appointments, adoption of club alignment, and presentation of committee reports.
  • The district holds two DCMs a year. What has changed is the manner of participation.
    • In September, we hold a virtual meeting organized online. No proxies are allowed for the virtual meeting and preregistration is required for the voting process.
    • At the annual conference in spring, we hold a meeting in person where proxies are allowed if the club officer cannot attend that meeting. The officer must designate in writing any active individual member of the club to act as their proxy. This form can be downloaded and will be emailed to the club presidents and VPEs before the D32 Annual Conference. All members may only cast a maximum of two votes for club officers regardless of the number of clubs to which a member belongs. Club presidents and VPEs should ensure their club voice is heard by attending the meeting or providing an appropriate proxy assignment. The next DCM will be held during the D32 Annual Conference May 1-3, 2020.
  • At the TI convention, the club’s voice is carried by the club president (Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article III, Section 9.) TI will email notice to the club president for online proxy registration. Proxies must be assigned before the meeting and may be assigned to any active Toastmaster. We encourage clubs to assign proxies to their club members who may be attending the TI convention or to the District Director. Votes may be directed or undirected. We encourage officers to discuss the issues up for vote with their club members prior to assigning the proxy. The next TI general business meeting will be held during the TI convention held in Paris, France on August 5-8, 2020.

The Club presidents and VPEs are responsible for ensuring that the club’s voice is heard at the District Council Meeting and the club presidents are responsible for ensuring that the club’s voice is heard at the Toastmasters International General Business Meeting. Both the district and TI require the quorum to be met to even conduct business. The voice of your club is crucial to our organization.