Aye, the official pirate speakin’ day may be September 19, but we be celebratin’ all month long!

The swashbucklers in your club need be considering sharing their pieces of eight to continue their adventures on the high seas in Toastmasters; member dues shall be submitted by September 30 or ye walk the plank! (Well, perhaps not really, but in pirate-speak, that’s motivational!)

To remain in shipshape standing as a club, be getting at least eight members paid up by September 30 – shiver me timbers! Don’t be marooning any club members without access to their Pathways!

Consider dedicating a Table Topics session to pirate-speak!

Draft an entertainin’ intro in pirate-speak, and ask questions based on piratey words – but with questions that can be answered without piratey knowledge! Have your fellow seadogs vote for the landlubber with the most pirate swagger to encourage deliverin’ remarks with as much hornswaggle as can be mustered! The grammarian might be callin ye a son of a biscuit eater by the time you’re done —and the argh-counter too!!  

  • Blimey! (shock!) Tell us about something you’ve been shocked at in the last month
  • Crow’s Nest (lookout post) What are you on the lookout for in the near future?
  • Hang the Jib (to pout) Tell us about something that made you frown or pout this week
  • Heave Ho (to set sail)  Where do you wish you could hoist your anchor and head off to right now?
  • Hornswaggle (a lie)  Tell us a story about an event that is not true
  • Jack (flag of origin) Tell us the nation of your heritage and a favorite fun fact or recipe
  • Marooned (stranded) if you were left on an island to fend for yourself, what 5 items would you take with you?  
  • Pieces of Eight (money) Tell us about some loot you’re hoarding and what you’re saving it for!
  • Sea Legs (getting used to rolling seas) Tell us about how you got your feet under you when starting a new job
  • Shark Bait (those who walked the plank)   Tell us about a time you were left out to fend for yourself and how ye survived
  • Shipshape (tidied up) What tasks like swabbing the decks have you gotten done during the pandemic?