Did you know that Toastmasters has an accreditation program? From the TI website:

The Accredited Speaker program is designed to give professional speakers a competitive edge by having their talents recognized by Toastmasters International. If you are a current Toastmasters member in good standing, have earned a qualifying education award and have given a minimum of 25 non-Toastmasters speaking engagements within the past three years, you may be eligible to apply. Please review the full program rules to ensure you meet the criteria. All current and future Accredited Speakers must adhere to the Accredited Speaker Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Tooastmasters International

We’re excited that District 32 has another Accredited Speaker in our midst: Yelena Balabanova! She has been working toward this accreditation for years now, visiting a number of clubs along the way to garner feedback and to grow as a speaker. She recently passed her accreditation and has sent this thank-you to all in D32 who assisted along the way:

Accredited Speaker designation is a long challenging journey.  I would not be able to achieve it without encouragement, support, helpful evaluations and inspiration from every toastmaster I have met along the way.  An extra special Thank You to the clubs that gave me time to practice my speech during their meetings: your warm welcome, smiles and detailed evaluations made a huge impact! Those clubs are Sequim Toastmasters, Pursuing Perfection, Thursday Nite Live, Professionals in High Demand.

A heartfelt Thank You to the following toastmasters who shared generously their wisdom, guidance, and expertise and pushed me to be the best speaker I can be: Kyle Hall, Lindy MacLaine, Sherry Kenyon, Joanna Tavera. Thank you!!!

Yelena Balabanova, DTM, AS

Read more about the Toastmasters Accreditation Program – and set a goal for yourself to become an accredited speaker too!