“Fabulous Show!” “Lots of fun!” “Amazing hosts for this wonderful evening of awards!”

If you missed the D32 Red Carpet Awards Event on Friday, October 29, 2021, you missed a great show. Our Showmasters, Rebecca P. Murray, DTM  and Lindy MacLaine, DTM, entertained us with fun songs, quizzes, and educational tidbits during the presentation of our annual awards. They were supported behind the scenes with the Nerdmasters team of Sherrie Simmonds, Merlyn Miller, and Amy McFarlane. This was our night to celebrate you – our members of District 32!

You can watch the D32 Red Carpet Awards Event recording HERE with Passcode: 2=c55DpP

It takes time to submit award nominations. This year, those who submitted nominations described how their nominees had supported and impacted them. Wow!

At the Red Carpet Awards Event, we expressed appreciation to these members who supported others throughout the 2020-2021 year:  Kyle Hall, Roberta Craig, Alex Mayo, Elena Brenna, Chip McKenna, Deborah Walker, Bruce Dejong, Manny Martinez, Angela Ritchey, Pam Hefley, Karen Tyson, Gene Mason, Orlando Aimes, Andy Vargo, Rebecca Murray, Brandon Ellington, and Jaymes O’Pheron.

We acknowledged members who completed levels and paths. 34 paths were completed. We also have 4 members who completed the Pathways Mentor Program – Debbie Baker, Joanna Desanto, Karl Reiche, and Joanna Tavera. Ask them about Pathways!

59 members earned the Triple Crown award by completing 3 or more educational achievements in 2020-2021. Congratulations all!

This year, we celebrated 16 members who achieved Distinguished Toastmaster! Congratulations to Michael Nelson, Kirsten Lein, Larry Krack, Karl Kirker, Kyle Hall, Renee Morhain, Sherrie Simmonds, Barbara Sullivan, Jane Thomas, Michael Niall, Bob Hays, Vicki Randolph, Robert Flynn, Adrienne Cappa, Cynthia Sanderson, and a member of Taku Toastmasters Club.

Every year, District 32 gives out “Of the Year” awards. They are based on nominations from fellow members and recognize those who have gone above and beyond during the previous club year. 

Rising Stars – awarded to newer members making an impact

Philip Mendoza – Public Utilities
John Tyson – SKWIM
Robert Towner – Nerdmasters, NW Faithfully Speaking
Ben Illman – Enumclaw Morning
Kelly Caraway – Palmer
Jill Smart – Latitude 61

Shining Stars – awarded to established members who have moved beyond expectations

Stuart Magoon – Area 13
Maria Libner – Area 24
Lucia Lara – Area 21
Roxanne Strutz – Division D
Michael Davison – Nerdmasters
Renee Main – Thursday Nite Live

Star Team Award – recognizing an outstanding team – “Together, Everyone Achieves More”
2020-21 Division Directors (Bob Hayes, Adrienne Cappa, Jaymes O’Pheron, Roxanne Strutz, Melissa Jean, and Kirsten Lein)

Area Director of the Year
Vicki Randolph – Area 63

District Director of the Year
Melissa Jean – Division E

Club President of the Year
Troy Stevens – Public Utilities Toastmasters

Toastmaster of the Year
Floyd Cummings – Public Utilities Toastmasters

John Villesvick Memorial Award

This award is presented to a member of District 32 who has gone above and beyond serving both the members and the clubs of District 32. This member is someone who readily jumps in to help, seemingly unable to say “no.” Yet s/he never appears overwhelmed, and is unfailingly supportive and enthusiastic when taking on every task/project/responsibility. 

If you are new to District 32, you may be asking, “Who is John Villesvik (and how do you pronounce all of those consonants strung together like that)?” 

First, it’s pronounced Vil-is-vik. 

John was a very active member of District 32 who didn’t believe in saying “no” to any task when it came to Toastmasters. His attitude was, “Why not? It’ll be fun!” He had an overwhelming passion for life and all of its trials and tribulations. John was unfailingly positive. He had a larger-than-life presence here in D32. Two of his passions were hiking and photography. In 2019, he was pursuing these passions on Mt. Rainier when he fell from a height of 30 feet. He did not survive the fall. To say his presence is missed by those who knew him is an understatement. 

We created the John Villesvik Award because we wanted to honor John’s memory and celebrate a current member who shares John’s passion for Toastmasters and for lifting people up. This award was presented at the Red Carpet Awards Event by Dottie and Alan Villesvik, John’s parents. 

The recipient of this year’s John Villesvik Memorial Award is Sandy Allnock – NW Faithfully Speaking, Vocal Dialysis, View from 32 Editor 2019-2021

Congratulations to our members of District 32. Your support of each other and participation in your clubs makes it possible to celebrate you on the Red Carpet.