What are you doing on Thursday, October 15 at 8:00 pm PDT/7:00pm AK Time? 

I hope you will be joining me for our very first District 32 Online Awards Event! I promise an evening with a little bit of mystery, a little bit of memory, and a whole lot of fun.

If your regular club meeting is at that time, I encourage you to have the entire club join us for the Awards Event (that’s what my club will be doing . . . we’re having a short meeting and then attending the Awards Event as a group).

Each year we celebrate “Of the Year” awards. These include Area and Division Directors of the Year, District Toastmaster of the Year, as well as Rising Star and Shining Star awards. 

In addition to these awards, I am thrilled announce a brand new award we will be sharing for the very first time. 

The John Villesvik Award will be going to a member of District 32 who has gone above and beyond serving both the members and the clubs of District 32. This member is someone who readily jumps in to help, seemingly unable to say “no.” Yet s/he never appears overwhelmed, and is unfailingly supportive and enthusiastic when taking on every task/project/responsibility. 

If you’re new to District 32, you may be asking, “Who is John Villesvik (and how do you pronounce all of those consonants strung together like that)?” 

First, it’s pronounced Vil-is-vik. 😉

John was a very active member of District 32 who didn’t believe in saying “no” to any task when it came to Toastmasters. His attitude was, “Why not? It’ll be fun!” He had an overwhelming passion for life and all of its trials and tribulations. John was unfailingly positive. He had a larger-than-life presence here in D32. Two of his passions were hiking and photography. In 2019, he was pursuing these passions on Mt. Rainier when he fell from a height of 30 feet. He did not survive the fall. To say his presence is missed by those who knew him is an understatement. 

We created the John Villesvik Award because we wanted to honor John’s memory and celebrate a current member who shares John’s passion for Toastmasters and for lifting people up. This will be our very first presentation of the new award. I hope you will join me on October 15 to find out who has won it and to help us honor John’s memory. His family is also invited to the meeting. If you knew John, please come and share your memories of him with them. (I recommend having a sentence or two about John’s impact on you that could be posted in chat, because the agenda for this meeting may not otherwise allow time for sharing.)

We will also be presenting an Appreciation award to a very special member of District 32. 

Who will win these awards? 

That is the mystery. To find the answers, please join me and your fellow members of D32 on October 15 at 8:00 pm PDT/7:00 pm AKT for our very first District 32 Online Awards Event!

  • Join the Awards Event from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to have a glass of champagne at the ready to celebrate with the winners. 
  • If you want to dress like you’re attending the Emmy Awards, I say go for it! You won’t have to worry about the weather messing with your hair or your outfit. 
  • You do not have to be a current member of District 32 Toastmasters to join the fun. I’ve created an Event Brite registration page. There are two ticket options: Toastmaster and Guest. Invite friends and family to join us for the fun. 

An evening with a little bit of mystery, a little bit of memory, and a whole lot of fun! I look forward to seeing you there and celebrating everything we achieved in 2019-2020. 

Ginny Grabowski
Immediate Past District Director
District 32 Toastmasters