By Stephanie Lee

As we speed towards the holidays, some clubs can see a downturn in member involvement and attendance. This can lead to less engaging meetings and a lack of guests or potential new members. But as with every obstacle, if you reframe your view, it can become a new opportunity.

Your club and your members have been working hard for the last few months to achieve education and leadership goals. They’ve also been participating in District 32 events outside of regular club meetings and doing great things in their communities.

Why not schedule a special awards and appreciation meeting before the end of the calendar year?

Build excitement about this upcoming meeting and reach out to potential new members, involving club leadership team and members in the planning and execution.

First, pick a date to hold the awards/appreciation meeting at your next leadership meeting. Officers can brainstorm about members that have gone above and beyond their weekly meeting participation that should be recognized by the club – for example, members who:

  • chaired events or made a large presentation outside of the club meeting.
  • performed extra service to the club (“most likely to sign up early for roles” or “most creative Topicsmaster”)
  • achieved a level of recognition level since July 1.

Members can help put together the event by chairing it or serving on a planning committee. They can also share the invitations and social media posts with their wider community. And don’t forget that this is an open house event that would qualify for the District 32 Open House Incentive reimbursement.

Invite awardees’ VIPs

The club VPPR can put together invitations members can provide to their employers, friends, and family showing that they will be getting recognized at an upcoming special meeting.

Publicize in the community

The VPPR can also use the Toastmasters press release template to send notices to local papers and feature the event heavily on the club’s web page and social media platforms.

Give awards

The Secretary/Treasurer can order award pins or print frameable certificates for the recipients. You can also get creative and offer other types of awards for club members who have gone the extra mile!

It is the time of year when many clubs see a drop off in attendance and participation. Why not turn that into an opportunity to celebrate your club and your members with the wider world?